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Thornton Cleveleys Bowling League - 2024

Review - History


    Division 1
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2021Fred Driver: (Shield)Layton InstituteGardeners Arms
    2020Fred Driver: (Shield)Not Held - COVID
    2019Fred Driver: (Shield)CarletonRaikes Hotel
    2018Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCarleton
    2017Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelFleetwood C.C
    2016Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCarleton
    2015Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2014Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelFleetwood C.C.
    2013Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2012Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2011Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2010Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2009Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2008Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCarleton
    2007Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2006Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2005Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2004Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2003Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys MensRaikes Hotel
    2002Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    2001Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    2000Fred Driver: (Shield)Raikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1999Fred Driver: (Shield)Cleveleys Mens 'A'Raikes Hotel 'A'
    1998Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Carleton 'A'
    1997Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Raikes Hotel 'A'
    1996Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Raikes Hotel 'A'
    1995Houston TrophyRaikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1994Houston TrophyRaikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1993Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Central Workingmens 'A'
    1992Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Belmont 'A'
    1991Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Norbreck 'A'
    1990Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1989Houston TrophyBelmont 'A'I.C.I. 'A'
    1988Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'Norbreck 'A'
    1987Houston TrophyCarleton 'A'Bispham Cons 'A'
    1986Houston TrophyCarleton 'A',Fleetwood B.C
    1985Houston TrophyCarleton 'A'Bispham Cons 'A'
    1984Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'
    1983Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'
    1982Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'
    1981Houston TrophyBispham Cons 'A'
    1980Houston TrophyI.C.I. 'A'
    1979Houston Trophy
    1978Houston TrophyNorbreck 'A'Ashdell
    1977Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens ACleveleys Park
    1976Houston TrophyCleveleys Mens ANorbreck
    1975Houston TrophyNorbreckCleveleys Park
    1974Houston TrophyCleveleys ParkNorcross 'A'
    1973Houston TrophyNorbreckNorcross 'B'
    1972Houston TrophyI.C.I.Norbreck
    1971Houston TrophyAshdell ACleveleys Mens
    1970Houston TrophyCleveleys ParkAshdell 'B'
    1969Houston Trophy4 Teams Joint Winners
    1968Houston TrophyCleveleys HotelSacred Heart
    1967Houston TrophyAshdellCleveleys Hotel
    1966Houston TrophyCleveleys MensGardeners Arms
    1965Houston TrophySacred HeartI.C.I. 'A'
    1964Houston TrophyCleveleys HotelSacred Heart
    1963Houston TrophyCleveleys HotelSacred Heart
    1962Houston Trophy
    1961Houston TrophySacred HeartCleveleys Hotel
    1960Houston Trophy
    1959Houston TrophyCleveleys HotelSacred Heart
    1958Houston TrophyCleveleys HotelCleveleys Park

    Division 2
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2021Jim Swift CupBelmontThornton NPL A
    2020Jim Swift CupNot Held - COVID
    2019Jim Swift CupPark Club CleveleysClaremont Park
    2018Jim Swift CupBispham COnsBlackpool Subs
    2017Jim Swift CupHighbury SSCPark Club Cleveleys A
    2016Jim Swift CupNorcrossCarleton A
    2015Jim Swift CupThornton NPL 'A'Highbury SSC
    2014Jim Swift CupSouth ShoreGardeners Arms
    2013Jim Swift CupMarton InstituteStrawberry Gardens
    2012Jim Swift CupCleveleys Mens AMarton Mere
    2011Jim Swift CupGardeners ArmsBlackpool Subs
    2010Jim Swift CupMarton InstituteMarton Mere 'A'
    2009Jim Swift CupSouth ShoreCleveleys Mens 'A'
    2008Jim Swift CupBelmont ABPStaining Village
    2007Jim Swift CupSouth ShoreNorcross
    2006Jim Swift CupCleveleys ParkClaremont Park
    2005Jim Swift CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Gardeners Arms 'A'
    2004Fylde Floor CupI.C.I.Norcross
    2003Fylde Floor CupRaikes Hotel 'A'Boston
    2002Fylde Floor CupHighfield SocialBelmont 'A'
    2001Fylde Floor CupGardeners Arms 'B'Marton Institute
    2000Fylde Floor CupCleveleys Park 'A'Belmont 'A'
    1999Fylde Floor CupNorbreck 'A'Bispham Cons
    1998Fylde Floor CupBelmont 'B'Hambleton
    1997Fylde Floor CupAshdell 'A'Co-op
    1996Fylde Floor CupRaikes Hotel 'B'Thornton Social
    1995Fylde Floor CupBispham 'A'Belmont 'A'
    1994Fylde Floor CupBispham Cons 'A'Hambleton
    1993Fylde Floor CupStrawberry GardensBlackpool Subs
    1992Fylde Floor CupCentral Workingmens 'A'Norcross 'A'
    1991Fylde Floor CupClevedon Hotel 'A'Strawberry Gardens
    1990Fylde Floor CupCarleton 'A'Bispham Cons 'B'
    1989Fylde Floor CupNorcross 'A'Hambleton
    1988Fylde Floor CupBelmont 'A'Superheats 'A'
    1987Fylde Floor CupBispham 'A'Norcross 'A'
    1986Fylde Floor CupMemorial ParkHambleton
    1985Fylde Floor CupCleveleys British LegionSuperheats 'A'
    1984Fylde Floor CupCleveleys Mens
    1983Fylde Floor CupNorweb
    1982Fylde Floor CupCleveleys British Legion
    1981Fylde Floor CupBlackpool Subscription
    1980Fylde Floor CupCarleton 'B'
    1979Fylde Floor Cup
    1978Fylde Floor CupCleveleys Mens 'B'Norcross 'B'

    Division 3
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2017Ken Brown TrophyBlackpool SubsBispham Cons
    2016Ken Brown TrophyStaining Village BCPark Club Cleveleys A
    2015Ken Brown TrophyCarleton 'A'Blackpool Subs 'A'
    2014Ken Brown TrophySt. Teresa'sBispham
    2013Ken Brown TrophyThornton NPL 'A'Bispham Cons
    2012Ken Brown TrophyStrawberry GardensHighbury SSC
    2011Ken Brown TrophyCarleton 'A'Norcross
    2010Ken Brown TrophyBlackpool SubsFleetwood B.C.
    2009Ken Brown TrophyMarton InstituteClaremont Park
    2008Ken Brown TrophyBispham HotelMarton Mere 'A'
    2007Ken Brown TrophyBelmont A.P.BBispham Cons
    2006Ken Brown TrophyStainingNorcross 'A'
    2005Ken Brown TrophyNorbreck 'A'Highbury SSC
    2004Ken Brown TrophyClaremont ParkSouth Shore
    2003Ken Brown TrophyCleveleys Mens 'A'Fleetwood B.C.
    2002Ken Brown TrophyBoston 'A'Bispham Hotel
    2001Ken Brown TrophyHighfield SocialBoston 'B'
    2000Ken Brown TrophyMarton InstituteFleetwood B.C.
    1999Ken Brown TrophyNorcross 'A'Bispham Hotel
    1998Ken Brown TrophyI.C.I.Blackpool Subs
    1997Ken Brown TrophyHighfield SocialMarton Mere 'A'
    1996Ken Brown TrophyNo.1 WorkingmensBispham Hotel
    1995Ken Brown TrophyRaikes 'B'Co-op
    1994Ken Brown TrophyBispham 'A'No.1 Workingmens
    1993Ken Brown TrophyBelmont 'B'Emmanuel Church
    1992Ken Brown TrophyThornton SocialCleveleys B.C.
    1991Ken Brown TrophyCentral Workingmens 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'B'
    1990Ken Brown TrophyBlackpool SubsStrawberry Gardens
    1989Ken Brown TrophyBispham Cons 'B'Thornton Catholic
    1988Ken Brown TrophyNorbreck 'B'Carleton 'B'
    1987Ken Brown TrophyBlackpool SubsI.C.I. 'B'
    1986Ken Brown TrophyCleveleys Ex-ServiceThornton Catholic
    1985Ken Brown TrophyBisphamMarine Gardens
    1984Ken Brown TrophyBelmont
    1983Ken Brown TrophyFleetwood B.C

    Division 4
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2009Ged Hooper CupBlackpool SubsCarleton 'A'
    2008Ged Hooper CupMarton InstitueSt. Teresas
    2007Ged Hooper CupFleetwood 'A'Bispham
    2006Ged Hooper CupFleetwood C.C. 'A'Cleveleys Park 'A'
    2005Ged Hooper CupNorcross 'A'Staining Village
    2004Ged Hooper CupCleveleys Park 'A'Bispham Cons
    2003Ged Hooper CupEmmanuel ChurchTyldesley Cons
    2002Ged Hooper CupGardeners Arms 'A'No.1 Workingmens
    2001Ged Hooper CupAnsdellEmmanuel Church
    2000Ged Hooper CupBoston 'B'Cleveleys Mens 'B'
    1999Ged Hooper CupBoston 'A'Central Workingmens
    1998Ged Hooper CupMarton InstituteCarleton 'B'
    1997Ged Hooper CupFleetwood B.C.Cleveleys Mens 'B'
    1996Ged Hooper CupHighfield SocialMarton Mere 'A'
    1995Ged Hooper CupAshdell 'B'Central Workingmens
    1994Ged Hooper CupRaikes Hotel 'B'Bispham Hotel,
    1993Ged Hooper CupNo.1 WorkingmensCentral Workingmens 'B'
    1992Ged Hooper CupEmmanuel ChurchCo-op 'B'
    1991Ged Hooper CupCo-opPoulton
    1990Ged Hooper CupClevedon Hotel 'B'Central Workingmens 'B'
    1989Ged Hooper CupCleveleys Ex-ServiceStrawberry Gardens
    1988Ged Hooper CupAshdell 'B'Norcross 'C'

    Division 5
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2003Jim Swift CupMarton Mere 'A'Fleetwood Cricket
    2002Jim Swift CupSouth ShoreHighbury Social
    2001Jim Swift CupFleetwood CricketR.A.F.A.
    2000Jim Swift CupAnsdellSt.Teresa's 'A'
    1999Jim Swift CupCleveleys Park 'B'Norcross 'B'
    1998Jim Swift CupBoston 'A'Boston 'B'
    1997Jim Swift CupMarton InstituteGardeners Arms
    1996Jim Swift CupMarton Mere 'B'St.Teresa's 'B'
    1995Jim Swift CupHighfield SocialMarton Mere


    Division 1
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2004Discontinued - Replaced by KNOCK OUT CUP
    2003Hudson CupRaikes HotelCleveleys Mens
    2002Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Raikes Hotel 'A'
    2001Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Strawberry Gardens
    2000Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Raikes Hotel 'A'
    1999Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Thornton Social
    1998Hudson CupCarleton 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1997Hudson CupCarleton 'A'Raikes Hotel 'B'
    1996Hudson CupRaikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1995Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Norbreck 'A'
    1994Hudson CupRaikes Hotel 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1993Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Bispham Cons 'A'
    1992Hudson CupBelmont 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1991Hudson CupBelmont 'A'Cleveleys Mens 'A'
    1990Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'I.C.I
    1989Hudson CupAshdell 'A'Belmont 'A'
    1988Hudson CupBritish LegionFleetwood
    1987Hudson CupBispham Cons 'A'Carleton 'A'
    1986Hudson CupFleetwoodSuperheats A
    1985Hudson CupBispham ConsNorweb
    1984Hudson Cup
    1983Hudson Cup
    1982Hudson Cup
    1981Hudson Cup
    1980Hudson Cup
    1979Hudson Cup
    1978Hudson CupCleveleys Mens 'A'Bispham Cons 'A'
    1977Hudson CupCleveleys Mens ACleveleys Park
    1976Hudson CupNorbreckCleveleys Mens 'A'
    1975Hudson CupCleveleys ParkNorcross 'A'
    1974Hudson CupNorbreckNorweb
    1973Hudson CupCleveleys ParkAshdell 'B'
    1972Hudson CupI.C.I.
    1971Hudson Cup
    1970Hudson CupGardeners ArmsCleveleys Mens
    1969Hudson CupCleveleys HotelAshdell
    1968Hudson CupNorcrossCleveleys Park
    1967Hudson CupCleveleys ParkCleveleys Hotel
    1966Hudson CupSacred HeartGardeners Arms
    1965Hudson CupI.C.I.Sacred Heart
    1964Hudson CupSacred HeartNorcross
    1963Hudson Cup
    1962Hudson Cup
    1961Hudson CupCleveleys MensHillhouse
    1960Hudson Cup
    1959Hudson CupCleveleys HotelI.C.I.
    1958Hudson CupAshley ConsCleveleys Park

    Division 2
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2004Discontinued - Replaced by KNOCK OUT CUP
    2003L.K.Computing CupGardeners Arms 'A'Boston
    2002L.K.Computing CupHighfield SocialI.C.I. 'A'
    2001L.K.Computing CupGardeners Arms 'B'Marton Institute
    2000L.K.Computing CupCleveleys Park 'A'I.C.I. 'A'
    1999L.K.Computing CupCleveleys Park 'A'Bispham Cons
    1998Vaux Breweries CupHighfield SocialHambleton
    1997Vaux Breweries CupBelmont 'A'Co-op
    1996Vaux Breweries CupRaikes Hotel 'B'Bispham Cons
    1995Vaux Breweries CupBispham 'A'Norbreck 'B'
    1994Vaux Breweries CupHambletonEmmanuel Church
    1993Vaux Breweries CupStrawberry GardensI.C.I. 'B'
    1992Vaux Breweries CupNorbreck 'B'Central Workmens 'A'
    1991Vaux Breweries CupStrawberry GardensNorcross 'A'
    1990Vaux Breweries CupCarleton 'A'Norbreck
    1989Vaux Breweries CupHambletonFleetwood
    1988Vaux Breweries CupBelmont 'A'Superheats 'A'
    1987Vaux Breweries CupBelmont 'A'Bispham 'A'
    1986Vaux Breweries CupBisphamHesketh
    1985Vaux Breweries CupSuperheats AMemorial Park
    1984Vaux Breweries CupNorbreck 'B'
    1983Vaux Breweries Cup
    1982Vaux Breweries Cup
    1981Vaux Breweries Cup
    1980Vaux Breweries Cup
    1979Vaux Breweries Cup
    1978Vaux Breweries CupCleveleys Mens 'B'Bispham Cons 'B'

    Division 3
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2004Discontinued - Replaced by KNOCK OUT CUP
    2003Ken Brown CupCentral WorkingmensCleveleys Mens 'A'
    2002Ken Brown CupBoston 'A'Ashdell
    2001Ken Brown CupHighfield SocialBoston 'B'
    2000Ken Brown CupMarton InstituteFleewood B.C.
    1999Ken Brown CupNo.1 WorkingmensMaton Institute
    1998Ken Brown CupBlackpool Subscription 'A'I.C.I 'B'
    1997Ken Brown CupMarton Mere 'A'Central Workingmens
    1996Ken Brown CupClevedon Hotel 'B'Carleton 'B'
    1995Ken Brown CupClevedon HotelI.C.I. 'B'
    1994Ken Brown CupCleveleys B.C.Cleveleys Mens 'B'
    1993Ken Brown CupCo-op 'A'Poulton
    1992Ken Brown CupCleveleys B.CClevedon Hotel 'B'
    1991Ken Brown CupCentral Workingmens 'A'Marine Gardens
    1990Ken Brown CupBelmont 'B'Fleetwood
    1989Ken Brown CupBlackpool SubscriptionBispham Cons 'B'
    1988Ken Brown CupCatholic ClubCarleton 'B'
    1987Ken Brown CupI.C.I. 'B'Belmont 'B'
    1986Ken Brown CupCatholic ClubAshdell B
    1985Ken Brown CupMarine GardensBispham BC
    1984Ken Brown CupBelmont
    1983Ken Brown Cup

    Division 4
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2004Discontinued - Replaced by KNOCK OUT CUP
    2003Bernard Ford CupTyldesley ConsClaremont Park
    2002Bernard Ford CupClaremont ParkCarleton 'B'
    2001Bernard Ford CupGardeners ArmsEmmanuel Church
    2000Bernard Ford CupMarton Mere 'B'Claremont Park
    1999Bernard Ford CupMarton Mere 'B'St. Teresa's 'B'
    1998Bernard Ford CupMarton InstituteClaremont Park 'B'
    1997Bernard Ford CupPoultonCleveleys Mens 'B'
    1996Bernard Ford CupSt.Teresa's 'A'Marton Mere 'A'
    1995Bernard Ford CupAshdell 'B'St.Teresa's 'A'
    1994Bernard Ford CupRaikes Hotel 'B'St.Teresa's
    1993Bernard Ford CupNo.1 WorkingmensCentral Workingmens 'B'
    1992Bernard Ford CupEmmanuel ChurchTyldesley Cons
    1991Bernard Ford CupPoultonR.A.F.A.
    1990Bernard Ford CupClaremont ParkCentral W/Mens
    1989Bernard Ford CupStrawberry GardensCleveleys Park 'B'
    1988Bernard Ford CupAshdell 'B'Cleveleys Park 'B'

    Division 5
    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2004Discontinued - Replaced by KNOCK OUT CUP
    2003The Worthy CupCleveleys Park 'A'Fleetwood Cricket Club
    2002The Worthy CupSouth ShoreMarton Mere 'B'
    2001The Worthy CupFleetwood Cricket ClubHighbury Social
    2000The Worthy CupSt.Teresa's 'A'Ansdell
    1999The Worthy CupAnsdell InstituteCleveleys Park 'B'
    1998The Worthy CupBoston 'B'Ansdell Institute
    1997The Worthy CupMarton InstituteBoston 'B'

    YearTrophyWinnersRunner up
    2009Raikes HotelSouth Shore
    2008Raikes HotelFleetwood C.C.
    2007Carleton 'A'Cleveleys Mens
    2006Raikes HotelHighfield Social
    2005Strawberry GardensSouth Shore
    2004Raikes HotelI.C.I. 'A'


    Division 1
    YearWinnerRunner up
    2021Steve Harrison (Carleton)Stan Billington (Fleetwood C.C.)
    2020Not Held - COVID
    2019Steve Harrison (Carleton)Neil Riches (Fleetwood C.C.)
    2018John Bottomley (Gardeners Arms)Joe Carr (Cleveleys Mens)
    2017Steve Harrison (Carleton)Neil Riches (Fleetwood C.C.)
    2016Steve Harrison (Carleton)Jim Seeley (Marton Institute)
    2015Steve Harrison (Carleton)Paul Lee (Cleveleys Mens)
    2014Steve Harrison (Carleton)Mick Holcroft (Marton Institute)
    2013Richard Ascroft (Staining Village B.C.)Lee Casey (Raikes Hotel)
    2012Trevor Burrows (Carelton)Steve Harrison (Carleton)
    2011Darren Gardner (Park Club Cleveleys)Jim Kenny (Raikes Hotel)
    2010Geoff Sharples Cleveleys Mens
    2009Richard Ascroft (Staining Village)
    2008Paul Lee (Highfield Social)
    2007Andrew Hornby (Carleton)
    2006Joe Barlow (Raikes Hotel)
    2005Paul Clarke (Cleveleys Mens)
    2004Vic MacDonald (Cleveleys Mens)
    2003Paul Clarke (Cleveleys Mens)
    2002Neil Bennett (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    2001Wilf Hartley (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    2000Wilf Hartley (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1999Mike Holcroft (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1998Gordon Harrison (Carleton 'A')
    1997Mike Holcroft (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1996Mike Holcroft (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1995Mike Holcroft (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1994Wilf Hartley (Raikes Hotel 'A')
    1993Phil Elliott (Bispham Cons 'B')
    1992Peter Burdekin (Cleveleys Mens 'A')
    1991Steve Harrison (Bispham Cons 'A')
    1990Steve Harrison (Bispham Cons 'A')
    1989Joe Harrison (Ashdell)
    1988Steve Harrison (Bispham Cons 'A')
    1987Steve Harrison (Bispham Cons 'A')
    1986Andy Kirkman (Carleton 'A')
    1977J. Hewlett
    1976J. Hewlett
    1975J. Clegg
    1974J. Hodson
    1973J. Cropper
    1972Jim Cropper (Norcross)
    1971J. Davies
    1970R. Roshell
    1969Don Braybrooke
    1968Don Braybrooke
    1967J. Riley
    1966Bob Millington (Sacred Heart)
    1965Bob Millington (Sacred Heart)
    1964T Bamford
    1961Bob Millington (Sacred Heart)
    1959Bob Millington (Sacred Heart)
    1958D. Leadbetter

    Division 2
    YearWinnerRunner up
    2021Kenny Campbell (Layton Amateurs)Roger Bleasdale (Thornton NPL 'A')
    2020Not Held - COVID
    2019Terry Houghton (Belmont)Ian Karran (Claremont Park)
    2018Paul Dugmore (Bispham Cons)Dave Kirby (Belmont)
    2017Terry Dixon (Highbury SSC)Philip Wharton (Park Club Cleveleys A)
    2016Ted Sherlock (Bispham Cons)Paul Taylor (Norcross)
    2015Terry Dixon (Highbury SSC)Rowland Hill (Bispham)
    2014John Bottomley (Gardeners Arms)Phil Elliott (South Shore)
    2013Terry Dixon (Highbury SSC)Mick Holcroft (Marton Institute)
    2012Stan Holland (Marton Mere)Gary Bowler (Claremont Park)
    2011Ted Sherlock (Bispham Cons)Peter Dixon (Blackpool Subs)
    2010Dereck Heyes (Marton Institute)
    2009John Gilmore (Marton Mere)
    2008Ian Karran (Claremont Park)
    2007Steve Hartley (Norcross)
    2006John Gilmore (Marton Mere)
    2005Peter Millington Jr. (Gardeners Arms 'A')
    2004Eric Johnson (I.C.I.)
    2003Ray Taylor (Boston)
    2002John Fenton (I.C.I. 'B')
    2001Reg Downham (Marton Institute)
    2000Ron Mizon (Belmont 'A')
    1999Adrian Davies (Norbreck 'A')
    1998Roy Saunders (Belmont 'A') / Joe Harrison (Cleveleys Park 'A')
    1997Maurice Rogers (Hambleton)
    1996Dennis Foxton (Raikes Hotel 'B')
    1995Roy Buckley (Bispham 'A')
    1994Tony Goldspink (Norcross 'A')
    1993Norman Winsper (Hambleton)
    1992G.Dearth (Central Workingmens)
    1991Gary Bowler (Clevedon Hotel 'A')
    1990Andy Kirkman (Carleton 'A') / Gerry Cob (Carleton 'A')
    1989Jim Rothwell (Norbreck 'B')
    1988Brian Hilton (Norweb 'A')
    1987Paul Faulconbridge (Norcross 'A')
    1986R.Burr (Memorial Park)

    Division 3
    YearWinnerRunner up
    2017Paul Dugmore (Bispham Cons)Gary Emmison (Jubilee Gardens)
    2016Terry Selway (Staining Village BC)Alan Baxendale (Broadwater A)
    2015Jimmy Oates (Fleetwood)Jonnie Joyce (Jubilee Gardens)
    2014Ernie Keeling (St. Teresa's)Rowland Hill (Bispham)
    2013Ted Sherlock (Bispham Cons)Phil Ashall (Marton Institute 'A')
    2012Derek Greaves (Thornotn NPL A)Terry Dixon (Highbury SSC)
    2011Rowland Hill (Jubilee Gardens)Shaun Haynes (Park Club Cleveleys 'A')
    2010Jimmy Oates (Fleetwood)
    2009Mick Holcroft (Marton Institute)
    2008Kevin Walton (Gardeners Arms)
    2007Bill Lamont (Bispham Cons)
    2006Bill Booth (Staining)
    2005Derek Torkington (Norbreck)
    2004Ian Karran (Claremont Park)
    2003John Banister (Bispham B.C.)
    2002David Sanderson (Ashdell)
    2001Dave McLoughlin (Boston 'B')
    2000Tom Walmsley (Highfield Social)
    1999David Unwin (Emmanuel Church)
    1998Dave Briggs (Norcross 'A')
    1997Roy Litherland (Marton Mere 'A')
    1996Brian Allington (No.1 Workingmens)
    1995Harry Bithell (Raikes Hotel 'B')
    1994David Huxley (Co-op 'B')
    1993Derek Ryder (Carleton)
    1992Cyril Redman (Thornton Social)
    1991J.Simmons (Cleveleys Mens 'B')
    1990Tom Kitchen (Blackpool Subs)
    1989Derek Rigby (Blackpool Subs)
    1988Don Whittaker (Carleton 'B')
    1987Tom Kitchen (Blackpool Subs)
    1986Frank Walsh (Thornton Catholic)

    Division 4
    YearWinnerRunner up
    2009Peter Dixon (Blackpool Subs)
    2008Terry Jepson (Marton Institute)
    2007John Bannister (Bispham B.C.)
    2006John Bannister (Bispham B.C.)
    2005Barry Pountney (Staining Village)
    2004Bill Booth (Staining Village)
    2003David Unwin (Emmanuel Church)
    2002Bob Booth (Gardeners Arms)
    2001Ian Karran (Claremont Park)
    2000Gary Bowler (Claremont Park)
    1999Lee Casey (Central Workingmens)
    1998Gordon Benson (Marton Institute)
    1997Neil Riches (Fleetwood B.C.)
    1996Ken Seddon (Marton Mere 'A')
    1995John Hodgson (Fleetwood B.C.)
    1994Reg Hatch (Tyldesley Cons)
    1993Tom Kitchen (Central Workingmens 'B')
    1992Mark Unwin (Emmanuel Church)
    1991Peter Barrett (Bispham Hotel)
    1990Graham Dearth (Central Workingmens 'B')
    1989Peter Barrett (Bispham Hotel)
    1988Ken Kay (Cleveleys Park 'B')

    Division 5
    YearWinnerRunner up
    2003Ray Leach (Marton Mere 'A')
    2002Stan Holland (Marton Mere 'B')
    2001Stan Holland (Marton Mere 'B')
    2000Jim Crellin (Highbury Social)
    1999Mike Troy (Norcross 'B')
    1998William.Blanch (Boston 'B')
    1997John Holyoake (Marton Institute)
    1996Ronnie Croft (Marton Mere 'B')
    1995Tom Walmsley (Highfield Social)

    Open Individual Comp Winners

    Division 1
    1998Fred Driver Shield
    1997Fred Driver Shield
    1996Fred Driver Shield
    1995Fred Driver ShieldAlec Taylor (Strawberry Gardens)
    1994Fred Driver ShieldKen Bullen (Ashdell)
    1993Bill Shadbolt TrophyMike Holcroft (No.1 Club)
    1992Bill Shadbolt TrophyKen Forshaw (Norbreck 'A')
    1991Bill Shadbolt TrophyMark Sykes (Carleton 'A')
    1990Bill Shadbolt TrophyLes Ormerod (Norbreck)
    1989Bill Shadbolt TrophyBernard Altham (Norbreck 'A')
    1988Bill Shadbolt TrophyAlwyn Sheard (Carleton 'A')
    1987Bill Shadbolt TrophyDavid Whiteside
    1986Bill Shadbolt TrophyRay Seed
    1985Bill Shadbolt TrophyVic MacDonald
    1984Bill Shadbolt TrophyDarren Potter
    1983Bill Shadbolt TrophyKenneth Forshaw
    1982Bill Shadbolt TrophyPaul Fletcher
    1981Bill Shadbolt TrophyRoy Proctor
    1980Bill Shadbolt TrophyPeter Brunskill
    1979Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1978Bill Shadbolt TrophyDon Braybrooke
    1977Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1976Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1975Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1974Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1973Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1972Bill Shadbolt TrophyDon Braybrooke
    1971Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1970Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1969Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1968Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1967Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1966Bill Shadbolt TrophyFreddie Bend (I.C.I.)
    1965Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1964Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1963Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1962Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1961Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1960Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1959Bill Shadbolt Trophy
    1958Bill Shadbolt Trophy

    Division Lower Divs
    1998Edgar Brown Trophy
    1997Edgar Brown Trophy
    1996Edgar Brown Trophy
    1995Edgar Brown TrophyDave Huxley (Co-op)
    1994Edgar Brown TrophyAlf Adams (Co-op 'B')
    1993Edgar Brown TrophyMark Unwin (Emmanuel Church)
    1992Edgar Brown TrophyLionel Birch (Thornton Social)
    1991Edgar Brown TrophyJack Haywood (Cleveleys Mens 'B')
    1990Edgar Brown TrophyRoy Binns (Central Workingmens 'B')
    1989Edgar Brown TrophyCyril Redman (Catholic Club)
    1988Edgar Brown TrophyCyril Redman (Catholic Club
    1987Edgar Brown TrophyDonald Macer
    1986Edgar Brown TrophyDerek Rigby
    1985Edgar Brown TrophyJohn Spence
    1984Edgar Brown TrophyDonald Macer
    1983Edgar Brown TrophyMartin McVeigh
    1982Edgar Brown TrophyGraham Wood (Legion
    1981Edgar Brown TrophyVic MacDonald
    1980Edgar Brown TrophyEric Glen

    Pairs Competition
    2017Tom Kitchen/Jim Kenny
    2016Not Held
    2015Not Held
    2014Not Held
    2013Steve Harrison / Joe Urmson
    2012Not Held
    2011Paul Wilson / Peter Horton
    2010Trevor Burrows / Ron Mixon
    2009Blue Spot The Knee ClinicTrevor Burrows / Grant Eckersley
    2008Blue Spot The Knee ClinicTrevor Burrows / Eric Glen
    1998Gordon Patchett Memorial?
    1997Gordon Patchett Memorial?
    1996Gordon Patchett Memorial?
    1995Gordon Patchett MemorialMike Holcroft / Tom Kitchen
    1994Gordon Patchett MemorialDavid Unwin / Don Wray
    1993Gordon Patchett MemorialGeoff Lloyd / Jeff Whittle
    1992Gordon Patchett MemorialJim Doughty / Brian Wesley
    1991Gordon Patchett MemorialG. Bowler / R. Schofield
    1990?Roy Binns / Eddie Ferguson
    1989?Dave Holt / Steve Jackson
    1988?Colin Newton / Paul Wood
    1987?Gordon Ellis / Alwyn Sheard
    1986?John Waring / David Yule
    1985?William Forsythe / Ged Hooper
    1983?Ron Betty / Gordon Ellis
    1982?William Forsyth / Edward Wild
    1981?Frederick Hatton / Maurice Roberts
    1980?John Head / William Mullineaux
    1978?Chuck Stubbings / Malcolm Raynor
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