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  • January 21, 2024
    Fixtures 2024 Season.
    Due to we have to mix and match with the Ladies League unfortunately we have to start at the same time as they do. The orginal Date of 23rd April and 7th May can,t take place as will not match with the Ladies therefore a decision had to be taken to start the same week as the Ladies. We can still do a cup comp at the end of the season. Further details will be issued in the season. Thank You

  • January 16, 2024
    We are currently updating all Registrations including the NL & Fylde County Registrations. Please can all Clubs update your lists to show Deceased or Not Playing Anymore including all those that were registered in the Past. Please email your List to Peter Jose by 15th March. Email is Peter.Jose@hotmail.co.uk

  • August 23, 2023
    AGM Wednesday 29th November.
    The AGM will take place on Wednesday 29th November commencing at 7.30pm at Norbreck BC. Paperwork will be sent out nearer the time. If any teams are dropping out or putting a new team in, please let Peter Jose know ASAP. Deadline is 31st December but if you know earlier it would be appreciated.

  • August 13, 2023
    Last 4 Matches commence 15th August.
    Just to let you know no more registrations from 15th August. If play a Player then be Player Invaild. Thank you.

  • April 07, 2023
    Player Registrations.
    Please do not play players with no number. From now on Players that are not registered and play, will be put with Player Invaild. Please check your Registration List. Thank You

  • April 07, 2023
    A recent medical incident took place during a match which was dealt with very efficiently by the home team. However it did highlight a point which we would suggest all clubs act upon. The League Committee feel it would be advisable for all clubs to display externally and on view from the Bowling Green the clubs full location details, Name, Address, Post Code, and Directions to the nearest Defibrillator (if applicable). This would help the emergency call centre locate the point of incident quickly and accurately. In this case the emergency services were not required but they may be needed should a similar incident occur in the Future. Thank You

  • February 25, 2023
    League Fees.
    Any club wanting to pay there League Fees and need the League Bank Details to pay by Bacs please contact the League Treasurer. Subs must be paid per Rule. Thank You

  • June 01, 2022
    Points v Points (North Section).
    Please can you play Points v Points if on same points goes on Aggregate, this is not being adherd to and alot of games are out of order.I would advise Captains to take a look at who,s who they are playing, if a Captain is not available please ask your Vice-Captain to do the same. It is pointless on voting for something at the AGM when it is not being kept to in League Games.

  • April 22, 2022
    League Matches.
    All League Matches in the Vets League are Points v Points in order, if on same Points then Average v Average comes into play.Any club Secretaries that have an emaill address the Business Secretary will be sending you an email out. Thank You

  • February 26, 2022
    Week Commencing 18th July.
    Week Commencing 18th July there will be No fixtures this week. You can use this week to play any outstanding fixtures
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